Listen to Brian Anderson of Veterans Alternative, Blayne Smith of Team Red White and Blue, and John Vann of Racing4Vets as they talk about how transitioning Veterans can engage with the community and avoid many transition obstacles by preparing correctly.

When preparing an agenda for Veteran Connections Day it was my mission to address all aspects of what a transitioning Veteran’s needs.

We covered the Value of a Veteran, Veteran resources, Veteran opportunities, Veteran entrepreneurship, networking, building a better profile or brand for yourself, and more.

So many things about helping a Veteran transition revolve around networking and finding a new career. Now I do think that is very important. I personally volunteer and dedicate time to make that happen.

But I wanted to address the heart and soul of the transitioning Veteran. How community and mentorship and being part of something can help Veterans from stumbling, from failing, and from thinking they are alone.

We want Veterans and their families to transition successfully and to enjoy a happy life.