Hi this is Mark Green bringing you another episode of the Veteran Connections Podcast where my mission is to help transitioning Veterans and Veterans already out of the military engage with the business community, and to share the knowledge and tools needed to successfully start a business. The Veteran Connections Podcast brings you experience and advice from fellow Veterans who are business owners and have made the transition from the military and into the business community.

There are Veterans transitioning out of the military every day. Some of them have an idea or a passion that they want to turn into a business. Having the right connections can be the one thing that makes the difference between a success or a failure. In this Veteran Connections Podcast I will be talking to Veteran business owners about what steps they are taking, the hurdles they have ran into, what advice they have for you, and what they hope life will look like a few years from now. With these real life interviews and real life results you can gain the expert knowledge from those that have been there. From your military brothers and sisters.

Today’s guest, Janet Wiszowaty is the owner of the company *Worldly Connektions Strategist. Her goal is to travel all over the world coaching, mentoring and speaking to individuals to help unwrap their gifts. Janet uses her personal experience, strategies and principles she’s learnt to help those who are stuck at, NOW WHAT?


You can follow Janet here

Website: http://www.familyconnekt.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/challengesdealtwith/

Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/worldly-connektions-tenacious-living-network/id1136560539?mt=2&i=1000376902324


0:44 Janet gives us a bit of background about herself, the work that she is doing and why she is doing it.

  • In 1981 she entered the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as an emergency dispatcher
  • In 2002 a car accident in which she was involved in proved to be a pivotal point in her life and career. PTSD was revealed.

1:55 After medical treatment for PTSD Janet asks, Now What?

  • The start of her journey to personal development and her Jack Canfield training.
  • Different strategies and Jack Canfield’s success principles then used to help others.

3:11 Janet reveals a different side of PTSD.

  • She shares her personal experience of PTSD as a result of secondary trauma.

4:32 What’s one thing that you’ve learnt that has helped you overcome some of that stress?

  • Looking back, everything that has happened is a gift but it is important to move forward.
  • Surround yourself with forward moving people.
  • Life is a choice.  

7:26 Janet recommends the book ‘12 Hugs to Happiness’ by Forrest Willett as a must read to your kids.

7:41 What do you think is one thing you know now, that you wish you had known back then?

  • To look deeper within.

9:47 Janet shares why she is grateful for the car accident.

10:27 An interesting fact about Janet and the United Nations.

12:45 What is your big, hairy, audacious goal that you want to achieve with *Worldly Connections Strategist?

  • To be all over the world, mentoring, coaching, speaking, helping others unwrap their gift.

13:48 Janet’s mantra – Life is a team sport.

  • When we all work together miracles happen.

14:42 Janet explains how her work can help the veteran community.

18:45 How do you balance work and family life?

  • With support from the people who surround you.

20:47 Janet shares her secret to networking.

  • The importance of showing up.
  • Never discount people you’ve met a long time ago.

25:00 The concept of connectors being collectors explained.

27:20 Janet highlights the need to recognise that there are trigger points to trauma that should be addressed when they do pop up.

30:45 Janet’s final tidbit.

  • Understand that we are all in transition and it’s not a bad thing. Help is available.


The Veteran Connections Podcast provides advice from Veterans for Veterans. A lot of people like you and me that have been through the military have the same thoughts and a lot of the same questions. We may have even had the exact same struggle. I hope you find some answers as you go on this Veteran Connections journey with me where we will learn, explore, and get answers to your questions.

Another great resource for Veterans wanting to start their own business is the Small Business Administration (SBA)


If you need more information or want assistance implementing one of the things you learned about today you can contact me. I can teach you techniques and strategies to help you connect and network in the business community so you can reach your personal or professional goals. Email me at stepoutstepup7@gmail.com and let me know how I can help you!

I hope that you have enjoyed this podcast episode and if you have a burning question that you would like to get answered by an experienced Veteran business owner about starting your own business go ahead and email me. I will be sure to answer it in a future episode!

Thank you for listening!  -Mark