Last year my boss Jenny W Clark and I had a one day summit in Tampa with many businesses from around the state of Florida and several that flew in for the event. It was primarily for those in the aerospace and defense community, and it included a Transition Room for military Veterans and businesses to come together and network.

The summit focus is on communication and collaboration of the businesses and their leaders, to engage and grow the community, to remove the pockets of isolated businesses, and to help our military Veterans network with the business community.

This year on March 29th and 30th we are having the summit again in Tampa. We made it two days this time with a Veteran focus on the first day, March 29th.

The Transition Room from last year made an impact but the response was that the need for connecting Veterans and businesses is so great they wanted more!

So we are giving it to them this year with Veteran Connections, an entire day of laser focused Veteran topics. I will be hosting the Veteran Connections day of the summit. Here is a breakdown of what attending Veterans can expect on March 29th.

Veteran Connections Keynote: The Value Of A Veteran

Paul Huszar, President and CEO of VetCor, Army Veteran, and Veteran advocate will kick off Veteran Connections with the story of The Value of a Veteran.

Veteran Connections: Getting In Touch With The Community

One of the main issues Veterans face is getting in touch with the companies looking to hire them. Find out what is going on in the community and where to find the movers and shakers!

Veteran Connections LinkedIn Workshop: How To Find Veterans

If you’re searching but can never find the right Veteran candidate that you’re looking for then you need to learn how to laser focus your searches. LinkedIn expert Pete Blum will show you how.

Veteran Connections: Veteran Entrepreneurship

Jeff Goble, Principal at JeffGobleSpeaks.Com and Veteran Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Tampa Bay WaVE will talk to us on the process and challenges of entrepreneurship. We will also learn about programs and opportunities in Tampa to get started.

Veteran Connections: Veteran Resources Panel

There are many resources in our community. Everyone knows about some of them. We want to establish the resource road map you need in order to succeed. This panel breaks down many of the resources Veterans are looking for and stands ready to support our Veterans. Stay tuned for even more on the Veteran Connections Network!

Veteran Connections Revolver

Have you come locked and loaded to network? This speed networking session will spin you through several tables of Veterans and businesses where you get a chance to introduce yourself, tell everyone what you do and what you are there for! Bring your business cards!

Veteran Connections LinkedIn Workshop: Building A Better Profile

LinkedIn expert Pete Blum takes you through building a profile that will attract attention and communicate what is really needed to gain an edge.

Veteran Connections: Veteran Opportunities

This panel will talk about career opportunities for Veterans.

Veteran Connections LinkedIn Workshop: Networking

LinkedIn expert Pete Blum takes you through networking essentials for success.

Veteran Connections: A Healthy Mind And Body Panel

Taking care of our Veterans and making them part of the community is about more than just helping them find a job. This panel talks about programs that are about healing, health, and fitness. Getting Veterans active and engaged with the community after they return home is something we all need to get involved with.

This year we expect more Veterans to be in attendance as the word gets out about the day geared towards them. There are a limited number of spots so if you are a transitioning Veteran local to Tampa Florida and you would like a free ticket to the Veteran Connections day of the summit on March 29th. connect with me and let me know!

This also aligns with my Veteran Connections podcast series on where I interview Veteran entrepreneurs so they can share their experiences and knowledge with our transitioning military and other Veterans who are trying to start their own business.

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