About Veteran Connections

Veteran Connections started as a podcast series on the FloridaGovCon.com podcast. It was a value add on for our transitioning military Veterans and Veterans already in the business community but wanting more. Many Veterans want to start their own business but don’t know where to go to get started. I started interviewing Veteran business owners so they could share their knowledge and experience with those wanting to become vetrepreneurs.

Our Mission

Most military Veterans have a drive and a passion to do something great. Often that is accomplished by creating a business around something you love to do. Veterans have the discipline and the leadership skills to accomplish this goal. To avoid the mistakes and avoid potential failure you need knowledge, resources, and a mentor. Here at the Veteran Connections Podcast I interview successful Veteran business owners weekly so you can gain their knowledge, avoid their mistakes, and learn how to become a successful Veteran business owner yourself.

We support military Veterans in finding connections, companies, training, jobs, and benefits. We want to give back to military Veterans who have served and defended our great nation. Check out our resources page on the menu bar.

Semper Fi,